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The Sales Pitch is Dead. Long Live The Sales Pitch. – Part 1

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Called inbound marketing and outbound marketing, it’s all over the web that the sales pitch is dead. Long live the sales pitch. I know, I know. That probably doesn’t make any sense without an explanation.

Writing web content that lures people to respond by opting in or by making a purchase is called inbound marketing. People find articles and blog posts and landing pages and even comments as a result of their own surfing adventures, and sometimes they find yours. That is the goal of your information marketing. And it’s a good thing.

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The Sales Pitch is Dead. Long Live The Sales Pitch.

Choosing to spend your money on AdWords or banner ads (paid forms of advertising) or spend your time by participating in teleseminars and webinars is called outbound marketing. You are getting “out there” and putting content in front of surfers for them to find when they are searching, because the search engines found it for them.

In a way, the two forms of marketing are the same on the web. But offline they are much different. I work with my clients and customers to develop a presence both online and offline in order to cover as many free and paid marketing opportunities as possible, within their budgets and time constraints.

Despite what you may read and hear about the death of advertising, it’s not true. Advertising has become much more subtle in many ways, but it is certainly not dead. Not at all.

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