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The Sales Pitch is Dead. Long Live The Sales Pitch. – Part 2

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Hopefully you saw the first part of my rant on advertising – The Sales Pitch Is Dead. Long Live The Sales Pitch – Part 1.  I’m not quite through discussing the topic, so here’s Part 2.

Sometimes called pull marketing (inbound) and push marketing (outbound) it is stirring up a lot of conversation now, including these comments in a post by Ruth P. Stevens on Target Marketing:

“…pull marketing generally means making yourself visible, or being helpful, and hoping that people will get the idea that they should visit your website or otherwise reach out to find out more about you and your offerings. ..But what about prospects who don’t even know they have a problem? Or who haven’t defined the problem yet, not to mention considered a solution? “

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The Sales Pitch is Dead. Long Live The Sales Pitch.

To me, that is the crux of the inbound/outbound issue.  Nobody can successfully search for invisible retainers for their self-conscious teenagers dental restructuring if they don’t know such a thing exists. Some form of advertising has to alert them to the fact that invisible retainers exist.

Direct mail, telemarketing, print advertising and event advertising may have a lot of competition with online advertising for ad budgets now, but they are still viable methods to get attention and make sales.

Carolyn Goodman also posted on Target Marketing recently. Her post focuses on direct marketing. She offers several points to consider:

1. Before you begin any marketing program, decide where you’re going. Start with your company’s objectives and work backwards.

2. Know Who Your Existing Customers Are. If you can’t profile them by the data you collect, you can append data from a reliable third-party data provider—and many of them offer analytic services so you can get a good handle on your buyer profiles.

3. Clean Up Your Act Before You Try to Make More Friends. Since most customers will visit your website first, make sure it’s optimized for site visitors … and for smart phone users.

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