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Whenever I do a speak or seminar on the topic of information marketing, I ALWAYS get the same question. What’s the SECRET of being successful selling info products? The answer is that there are a few secrets, not just one. Here are some of the key secrets of the “system” that I use.

Secret #1: Build Your List

One of the biggest secrets in building a strong information marketing business is the creation of a large and responsive list. Your list can’t be JUST large or JUST responsive. It needs to be both to really create an unstoppable machine. I suggest you use an integrated program like WebMarketingMagic to manage this list, but there are other products out there. I just don’t use them.

Secret #2: Give away GREAT Free Stuff

To build a big and responsive list you need to start by giving something away that people will respond to. Many who sell info products give people a bunch of crap for free. This is a very bad idea. Doing this will make people virtually certain that the information you sell will be pretty awful as well. Make sure that what YOU give away is AS good as anything you ask people to pay for.

Secret #3: Deliver a Balance of Content and Sales

When you communicate your list, make sure that you FIRST deliver valuable content before asking your “people” to buy something from you. As long as you deliver tons of content, no one will have a problem with you asking them to give you money for quality products.

Secret #4: Be Honest with Your List

When you make a mistake, admit it. Nothing sells people on you and your abilities like honesty and transparency. I recently got together with a bunch of my information marketing buddies and they talked about the RUSE of sending out an email saying that their email SYSTEM had broken down and therefore they were resending a given offer. This tactic is transparent HORSECRAP! Don’t do this. You will lose all credibility with your list.

Secret #5: Create and Sell ONLY Great Products

Don’t sell something that isn’t worth at least 10 times what you are asking people to pay for it. If you ALWAYS follow this rule, people will keep buying from you. You can only fool people once or twice by conning them into buying a product that is devoid of substance. Make sure YOU get a reputation as one of the GOOD guys. Do this by only selling really good products and services.

Secret #6: Stay in Touch with Your Market

Make sure you are communicating with your niche and target market. Doing this will keep you in touch with what they need and want. It will make the quality of your offers more effective and sales will be a lot higher for any products you produce and offer for sale. The only way to stay in touch is to be in continual contact with your market. Forums, emails, conferences and seminars will all help you to stay connected to them.

So there you have it. Do these 6 things and your information marketing business will thrive and prosper. I look forward to seeing what you produce!

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