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For years, when I would teach people about how to sell info products, I would see people get excited. When I would show up to teach again the following year at the same event, I would see MANY of the same people. I would ask them what they had done over the past year to “make things work.”

Almost ever single time I got a response that shocked me. Many of the people I would ask would describe how they were really learning a lot and SOON they would be making a go in this info marketing BIZ. Yeah right!

I saw this happen so many times that I got disgusted. I wanted to figure out a way to get people TAKE ACTION. And, by taking action I did NOT mean for them to attend yet another seminar or event that would finally give them the MAGIC BULLET that would propel their careers into the stratosphere.

Having seen this happen so many times I decided to change it myself. I started doing longer, 7 day events and holding them at my house. Another Fred Info Bootcamp is going to start this Thursday.

The goal was to make it impossible for people NOT to learn the subject matter. AND, to make sure they leave with all the pieces in place. I’m finishing my 3rd year of doing these and the results have been great.

People come to the event and get a very full week of learning my seven step SYSTEM. When they leave they have everything in place to start making money. I’ve seen people from every possible discipline come through this event and am amazed at how many interesting people there are out there.

If YOU have a group of people who follow your lead and advice in YOUR field, I would suggest you consider doing something similar. My bootcamps are held in my home in Las Vegas and are limited to a maximum of six people. YOU don’t have to do it this way.

But, even if you decide not to hold the event at your own home, I do suggest you consider doing longer events where people can actually learn not just the WHAT to do, but the HOW to do it.

You’ll have people leaving a lot happier. There chances for success will be greater. If they do get the results you promise them, the word of mouth on your BOOTCAMPS will travel fast. I know they have with mine and it’s one reason why they’ve been so successful.

Please keep in touch and let me know YOUR results!!

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Want to get paid to give advice? This is the program for you. Learn the inside secrets to getting paid to consult, regardless of the field you're in.

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