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Thoughts On Information Marketing Ebooks

Information Marketing

If you are collecting thoughts on information marketing ebooks from other authors and book coaches in order to build your consulting practice as well as your writing, you probably read a lot of posts on the web. Since the majority of ebooks are non-fiction, there are a lot of people experimenting with digital self- publishing, so naturally there are a lot of opinions as well.

The following are a couple voices that speak to me, and I want to share with my blog readers, too.

The first one is Kristen Eckstein who posted on The Future of Ink this week. She offered a list of “7 Secrets,” and her list included:

“1. Know your audience

info marketing ebook test

Thoughts On Information Marketing Ebooks

2. Know your competition

3. Use real life examples

4. Read more than you write

5. Watch your market

6. Be courageous with what you don’t know

7. Humor is your best friend.”

And the second one is Gordon Burgett who posted on The BookBaby Blog. He asked, “Would you research, write, and publish a book that nobody wanted to buy? Why take the chance? Why not test the book before printing it to see if your targeted market likes your title, price, contents, purpose, and credentials?”

Excellent question, isn’t it?  But honestly, most information marketers do exactly that, unless they have taken the time to test their target market in a tangible way.  Burgett suggests use of a snail mail questionnaire, and I’m not so sure about that, but it works for him.

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