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To Improve Your Blogging Skills

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If you want to improve your blogging skills, the best plan is to write a lot. That sounds simplistic, but it is what you will hear from every expert on the topic. You cannot improve your blogging skills without improving your writing skills. And you probably won’t attract much readership without excellent writing skills these days because you have so much competition for your readers’ time.

But it’s not just HOW you write that matters. Excellent writing is not the only key to attracting and keeping your reader’s attention on your websites, blog posts, articles and comments.  You have to know what they are looking for, too.  As Vinita Zutshi posted this week:

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To Improve Your Blogging Skills

“You need to know your readers’ specific interests and the particular problems they face. People care about their problems. They care enough to look for solutions to their problems.

If your post can offer your readers the solutions and benefits that they are looking for, you will be able to make your audience care about what you are saying in your post.

Only when you give your audience a reason to care will they reward you by reading your post.”

Attracting and keeping readers is just like attracting and keeping friends and business associates, basically. Showing that you care is the best way to develop an audience who cares about your content.

And here’s a way to get into that caring space, posted by Richard M. Hartian on Copyblogger this week, “Feeling creatively blocked makes you cranky and anxious, as though the world and all its muses are conspiring against you. Instead of giving in to a ‘poor me’ attitude, write down all things you are grateful for.”

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