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Top Copywriter Tip on Selling Without Selling

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One thing that information marketers often get backwards is the subject matter of their emails. Sometimes they get the cart before the horse, and that means their emails are not as effective as they could be.

It’s really important to keep one thing perfectly straight in your mind – emails are NOT sales pages. Let’s look at one top copywriter tip on selling without selling now.

Ben Settle posted on Copyblogger recently, and he made my point in this post perfectly:

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Top Copywriter Tip on Selling Without Selling

“What you really should be talking about (instead of your product and its benefits) is all the pain caused by the problem your readers want solved.

This means getting inside their ‘world’ and writing about the pain they’re experiencing (or COULD experience if something isn’t done to deal with the situation pronto).”

In other words, sales pages talk about the pain, too, but they ALSO talk about product or program benefits. You have to explain your information marketing products and programs in order to sell them. And that means you need to include and expand upon the benefits. A separate sales page or a page on your website written as a sales letter is where product and program benefits will be found.

They should NOT be found in emails.  As Settle goes on to say, an email, “… doesn’t talk about a product, and there isn’t a single benefit mentioned. Yet, it does a better job “selling” the click than pummeling the reader with benefits, bullet points, and features.

It also prepares the reader to eagerly be looking for a solution when they see the landing page, instead of being on guard against a sales pitch. In fact, they’re looking to be sold when you do this correctly.”

This is really good advice for you today on writing emails, and it’s from a top copywriter.

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