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Two Trade Show Tips For Information Marketers

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If you have had or plan to have the opportunity to work at a trade show in your industry or for the general public, these ideas will be (or should be) interesting to you. These two trade show tips for information marketers are basically the same for retailers and wholesalers, because in a trade show environment we are all on a level playing field, in a manner of speaking.

Except for the fact that some businesses have the ability to invest considerable resources, both cash and personnel, we are all standing around on the floor waiting for trade show attendees to notice our booth and to stop by because they are interested. That’s what I mean by a level playing field.  If a major publisher is there and I am there, we’re both waiting for people (maybe even the same people) to show interest in us.

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Trade Show Tips For Information Marketers

So, how can information marketers stand out from the crowd, and how can we compete with big businesses across the aisle or even right beside us?

One critical component is signage. You MUST have a background banner or some kind of sign that provides instant recognition for you and what you do. For example, my banner could say, “I’m Fred Gleeck and Your Information Marketing Empire Starts Here Today.” I’m not saying that’s the best possible wording, but it gets my point across. It doesn’t leave any doubt about who I am and what I do.

That’s one important thing TO DO. Here’s one NOT to do – DO NOT read on your smart phone, tablet, computer or even a book. Look at the people passing by. Make eye contact. Be interested and interesting. Don’t be too busy for the very people you are there to meet.

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