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Almost everyone who sells info products is using the WordPress platform for their websites. Now there are two KILLER plug-ins that everyone should be using as well.

The first one is:

The first one allows you to CLONE a WordPress site. Why would you want to do this? Two reasons. First, if you’re doing a lot of sites, you can put up a duplicate of a site in less than 5 minutes. Really? YES, really! Just make sure to change the content each time!

The other reason you’d want to be able to clone sites is for back up. Although it’s not SUPPOSED to happen, sites get hacked and you sometimes need a back up copy. If you have ANY problems, having an exact copy of your site is a very nice thing to have.

In my case, I have a number of JV partners in different fields. Whenever I get a new venture started, it’s now EASY to put up a site exactly like another site that’s already working. If you have any WordPress sites, this program is well worth looking at.

The second one is

This program does a bunch of things that everyone who sells information products will appreciate. It has a LOT more features and is more difficult to describe. You need to visit the site and watch the videos and read the “sales copy” on the site.

I’m serious. It does virtually EVERYTHING you need as an information marketer. If you think I’m ducking giving you all of the features here, that’s NOT the case. Once you check it out you’ll be amazed.

You’ll be able to FIRE any webmaster you have. You won’t need them. Plain and simple.

The other cool thing about this program is that you can try it for free for 30 days. If you don’t like it, you don’t pay! Talk about standing behind the product.

Both of the domain names I’ve listed here (CoolCloningTool and CoolWPTool) are my affiliate links for these products. Surprise, surprise! BUT, you can be sure that I would NOT EVER recommend something simply to make money. NOT my style. But, since I REALLY like both of these, I have no problems recommending them AND getting paid to do so.

After you get them and try them, make sure that YOU sign up to sell them as an affiliate as well.

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