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Uncertainty In Your Information Marketing Business

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Uncertainty in your information marketing business can be a major roadblock, and these days those roadblocks seem to appear at every turn. The road to success is fraught with chaos online and offine, and learning to deal with discomfort and uncertainty is truly the ultimate tool for achieving success now.

Gary Korisko blogged on this subject this week, and he shares a personal reflection from his own life:

info marketing uncertainties

Uncertainty In Your Information Marketing Business

“Uncertainty and discomfort look totally different from a place of strength and confidence. When I finally said, ‘no more’ to my weakness, worry, and excuses… everything changed. And it’s not because I’m anything special. I’m not. It was just a decision I made about who I was going to be for the rest of my life. You can make that same decision.”

That is a terrific paragraph. I’d suggest you read it again because it should leave a deep impression on your thinking and your life. Korisko made a decision not to let things that are uncomfortable stop him on his collision-course with success. He’s on it, and he’s not letting anything or anybody stop him.

Whether or not you read Korisko’s blog or know him or his work at all, his words can change your life if you are willing to let them.

I guarantee you that your information marketing business will challenge your thinking and activities from time-to-time, and there will be unexpected roadblocks that get in your way. Making the decision to see them as a normal part of doing business, and finding ways to move them out of your way is simply a decision we all have to make. The sooner, the better.

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