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Understanding Your Info Product Page Ranking Now

Information Marketing

Are you trying to understand your info product page ranking now, hoping to improve your results? Pretty much everybody is doing the same thing. Wordtracker is ‘way up on my list of authorities on the subject of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Justin Deaville, who recently retired as CEO of Wordtracker just posted a very accessible article this week on the constant, confusing changes in Google search. He managed to get the basic concepts through to me, so I encourage you to check it out, too.

Deaville’s most significant point, in my opinion, is that search results are tailored to each individual now. There is really no longer a one-size-fits-all formula for page ranking because everybody’s search results are different.  And there are two basic components to personalized search results, which are geographical and historical. It’s all about where you are physically located and what your search history reveals about your interests.

google information marketing

Google and Information Marketing

Your info product page ranking is simply not going to be the same for any two people now. Deaville says, “Your site is more likely to be near the top of the rankings on your computer than it is on everyone else’s. So, you may get a misleading impression of how your site is performing.”

That’s a big one. But here’s another one about Google Autocomplete, those phrases that pop up automatically as you type in your search term:

“Google’s suggestions affect how people search. You should try to be aware of what Google’s likely to be predicting.

Start by checking the suggestions Google’s making that include your brand name, and make sure you’re ranking number 1 for those terms.

In practice, this means creating a page to target each of the related keywords, then building links (from your site and others) that point at the page.”

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