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Use of Infographics To Paint A Picture Of Information

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Creating info products has become more a more complex process than it was back when I started my information marketing business. Yes, there are a LOT more opportunities and options, considering the fact that the internet wasn’t up and running yet, but here I am referring to one complexity in particular – providing information that users can digest very, very quickly. That current need calls for infographics to paint a picture of information.

Arit John posted on infographics this week on E-Marketing and Commerce. Her comments were directed toward “boring” businesses’ use of infographics to spice things up a bit:

Information Marketing infographics

Use of Infographics To Paint A Picture Of Information

“If your business is boring, it’s tempting to hope that a colorful infographic will spice things up. But if your infographic is just as boring as your industry, then you’re only wasting your time.”

Now, I’m certainly not suggesting that your info products or your information marketing business is boring. Not at all. But John’s list of suggestions applies to anybody’s thought process when creating an infographic to convey information quickly:

“1. Stay on topic, but don’t promote yourself.

2. Create reference material.

3. Not every infographic has to be full of statistics.

4. Be relevant.

5. Be controversial.”

When I see this list I think, “textbook.” I think about those funky graphics we loved so much in our science text books back in school, remember? Obviously, they must have worked pretty well or they would not have been included in the texts. But they were not self-serving for anyone. Johns is telling us to remember that, too.

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