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Some of my JV partners choose to use Vimeo for information marketing, either in addition to or instead of YouTube. Vimeo is another video hosting service that offers a professional platform with reliable service, making it suitable for posting your information marketing products.

I am not promoting Vimeo, nor am I a compensated affiliate for them. I just like to be sure that my blog readers are aware of it, especially when controversies regarding YouTube videos pop up on occasion.

information marketing and vimeo

Vimeo and Information Marketing

When you post information videos you will be judged by the company you keep, and there are a lot of independent filmmakers posting on Vimeo, which now offers them the opportunity to generate revenue from their films without the use of advertising. As I understand it, the filmmaker keeps 85% of the revenue from the “tip jar” and Vimeo gets the other 15%.

Can you see the possibilities for your information marketing here? My JV partner, Bill DeWees posted an interview with one of his clients on Vimeo, although he has a heavy presence on YouTube as well. Both video hosting services have advantages, and it’s good to know how to use both of them.

Search “video hosting” and you’ll find a lot of other alternatives as well, and it’s possible you’ll find one that fits your business model better than the two I’m discussing. Just for the record, as of today’s date, YouTube is the #3 website in the United States according to Alexa, and Vimeo is # 129.

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