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Using The Right Technology For Information Marketing

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The Nielsen Norman Group is a bunch of smart people who know a lot about how people behave on the web. That is what they track and study on behalf of their clients. This story came through their AlertBox newsletter, and I want to share it with you with a goal of using the right technology for information marketing.

Jakob Nielsen recently visited Singapore, calling it, “the world’s most efficient country,” and he took time to tour the new National Museum of Singapore:

information marketing digital platforms

Using The Right Technology For Information Marketing

“Sadly, the museum is an example of mobile technology run amok. All information about the exhibited objects is provided on a tablet that you borrow when entering the history exhibition. The good news is that this allows for more in-depth information than traditional museum labels, and it’s also easier to provide the text in multiple languages that would crowd a printed label.

But the tablet fails to support the actual museum-going experience. You pause by a wall or display case with maybe 10-20 objects, each only marked by a number. And then you’re supposed to enter all these numbers into the tablet to find out what you’re seeing. No way: much too slow.”

I can immediately picture what he is describing, can’t you? Can you see how modern technology fails to serve the purpose as efficiently as simply looking around and reading?  Nielsen continues:

“Nothing beats the roaming human eye in terms of quickly taking in volumes of information, especially when glancing around a large physical space. In a second or two, you can scan a big wall and focus on the label for the object that interests you the most.”

Alas, the same thing can happen on our websites or within our info products if we get too high-tech for our own good.

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