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Video Information Products Are Not For Everybody

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Watching a video is easy, and most people like information to be easy to access and easy to understand. The enormous popularity of YouTube and other video platforms is a perfect testimony to the fact that most of us would rather watch and listen than actually read.  But not all of us. Video information products are not for everybody.

Tina Barseghian blogs about the changes in education, and her post about learning from video games, including comments from teachers, gave me more to chew on as regards the popularity of video learning in general.  Her point, echoed by several commenters is that most people learn better from experience than from exposure to information.

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Video Information Products

I agree that experience is usually the best teacher. But I also think that good writing that reaches deep into the emotional level of the reader also provides an experience. In fact, information products that are written directly to a target market with particular needs should elicit emotion and motivate the reader as a result.

If I am considering having all my teeth removed and getting dentures, you can bet I want to read about it, and you can be SURE I am having an emotional experience as I read.

The motivation that comes from inside a person who is reading written material may be even greater, because the reader’s own imagination is engaged, creating his or her own mind pictures and not relying on the images provided by others.  This is an important point to consider when you are creating your own information products.

I always recommend providing a written transcript along with videos and audios so that powerful, internal motivation can be tapped by your clients and customers who choose to read.

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