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Video Production for Information Marketers

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How do you produce a “killer” video? First, let’s define our terms. To me, a KILLER video is one which gets the maximum number of people who watch your video to do what YOU want them to do. PERIOD.

In my opinion, there are 4 steps to doing a great video. Step #1 is PREPARATION. This is what you have to do before you even get started. Step #2 is THE SHOOT. This is when you actually record the video onto tape or some other media. Step #3 is EDITING. This is where yo take your video “mess” and turn it into a work of beauty. Step #4 is GETTING IT SEEN. All the things you do to get people to actually see your video!

What do you want people to do as a result of watching YOUR video? Without a precise answer to this question, it will be difficult to create a killer video.

So, before reading the rest of this article, come up with an answer to this question. Once you come up with the answer, then continue reading this article.

There are four parts to creating a KILLER video. Step one is preparation. Step two is the shoot itself. Step 3 is Editing. Step 4 is getting people to see it.

In order for your video to be the best it can me, you need to do your PREP work. There are a number of elements that go into preparation, they include: establishing the purpose of your video, understanding the different modalities of learning, figuring out which equipment to use, knowing where to buy your gear, storyboarding to make things easier, scripting vs. outlining, getting more comfortable on video, and figuring out if you should hire anyone else.

Let’s go into each of these elements to see how to do them best.

What is Your PURPOSE?

Before you get started doing a video, you have to ask yourself a KEY question: What do you want to HAPPEN as a result of the video you create.

Do you want people to BUY a product or service?

Do you want people to LEARN how to DO something?

Do you want to PERSUADE people to adopt your opinion?

Before you even start planning your video, you must first establish your purpose. If you don’t it would be like trying to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow WITHOUT having a TARGET to shoot at.

Why and you doing your video? What do you want people to DO as a result?

Figure out the answers to these questions and you’ll be well on your way to producing a video that accomplishes your objectives as an information marketer.

Comments? Thoughts? Ideas?

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4 Responses to “Video Production for Information Marketers”

  1. Ken on February 22nd, 2012 9:05 pm

    I suppose part of the prep work would be to do some keyword research on the topic for doing a video recording, make sure a robust market exists?

  2. Fred Gleeck on February 22nd, 2012 11:07 pm

    Ken, it’s certainly a good idea to do some research, but I think that I go with my GUT for things that I really love and enjoy doing. Do what you love the money will follow as Marsha Sinetar used to say!

  3. Ken on February 25th, 2012 2:27 pm

    I think I’m doing what I love doing the most right now. Farming. I grow certified organic vegetables and fruit on a seven acre farm. The most exciting and prosperous crop is my organic green and red chile. Very robust market with a hidden potential.

    My hope is to create video products of how to process chile products and more importantly how to cook authentic Mexican dishes from Old Mexico and New Mexico.

    My problem is cash flow is at a trickle. I need to turn on the faucet wide open with mouth watering videos.

    I like what I’m reading and listening to from you. It makes perfect sense, but I must take baby steps to get the flow going and cut out all the crap I’m getting from the dozens of internet marketing gurus I’ve been listening to for the past three years.

    Thanks for allowing me to get that off of my chest.

  4. Fred Gleeck on March 5th, 2012 5:59 am

    Agree 100%!

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