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Want To Publish An E-Book Now?

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There is still a lot of old, dated information floating around the web and around the world about publishing e-books. We all get stuck in our ways and tend to do things the way we used to do them, which also applies to publishing e-books.

If you want to publish an e-book now and your head is spinning from outdated information that is often available for free on the web or from well-meaning experts you may have found, take a deep breath. You are not alone and you are not doing it wrong.

Everyone, including established, best-selling authors, is feeling overwhelmed with the changes in publishing these days, especially as regards physical book publishing.  Keeping up with the times is becoming a full-time job.  And anticipating the future is truly astonishing.

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Seeing you as a trustworthy authority in your area of expertise is the key to your success.

I saw this video in an email link over the weekend and just had to share it. It shows the future of digital communication, on beyond e-books.

But it also gives you a future cast that will help you understand that promoting yourself and your business through the use of a digital e-book is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. It’s the way your own clients and customers get to know you and trust see you as trustworthy. Literally.

Seeing you as a trustworthy authority in your area of expertise is the key to your success. It has always been the key to success, of course, but these days there are a lot more people networking on the web via their digital devices than driving or flying to network at in-person meetings. Your e-book can bring people to your website to network with you online.

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