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Want Your Information Marketing Content to Go Viral?

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It’s a fantasy of sorts, but we all probably think about it from time to time. Do you want your information marketing content to go viral? Most of us would have to admit we crave the attention and stream of traffic a viral blog post or article can generate.

So, let’s take look at Sonia Simone’s suggestions for writing content to go viral, from her recent post on Copyblogger:

“There are a lot of elements that come together in a piece of content that goes genuinely viral. Awesome content is a big one, but it isn’t the only piece of the puzzle.

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Want Your Information Marketing Content to Go Viral?

One of the most important is getting into a juicy, emotionally-driven conversation that’s already building up steam. For example, late last year I wrote a post about whether or not content marketers should give up on Facebook. Businesses were furious with Facebook and there was lots of heat being generated. And I was able to use that heat to create some good traffic for the post (and deliver a relevant business message while I was at it). “

Simone makes an excellent point here, because the phenomenon of a viral Tweet or blog post or link is not caused by one factor. It is generally caused by several factors coming together at once. And, most importantly, at exactly the right moment in time. Timing, as usual, is a HUGE factor.

In summary, Simone advises, “Maybe most important — a truly ‘viral’ post may not do you as much good as a well-shared post that speaks directly to your prospects.” She’s right; we want traffic that CONVERTS, not just traffic for its own sake.

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