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Was Aristotle The First Information Marketer?

Information Marketing

I read other people’s blog posts, of course, and I especially enjoyed seeing this one posing the question, “Was Aristotle the first information marketer?” What a great question!

What is old is very often new again, and that is certainly true of some of Aristotle’s ideas. Here, in a nutshell, are three concepts that Aristotle fostered. They are Greek words which are totally relevant to information marketing today.

Ethos –  Meaning,  “character, “ it represents the way we present ourselves to others and therefore how they respond to us.

aristotle on information marketing


Pathos –  Meaning,  “emotional experience,” it represents our obligation to involve our audience so that they have a personal connection with us through our work.

Logos –  This one has several meanings that all apply to us. Take a look at these definitions  – ” ground”, “plea”, ” opinion”, “expectation”, “word,” “speech,” “account,” and  “reason. “ If these don’t relate to information marketing I don’t know what does!

We have to establish our character for others to see and know who we are and what we stand for, especially in our selected area of information marketing.

And we have to give them an emotional experience so that they can relate to what we are sharing, and so that they will want more.

How do we accomplish all this?  How about with our pleas, opinions, words, speeches and reasons? That list seems to pretty thoroughly cover what we need to build information products to give away and to sell.  Maybe old Aristotle had a good thing going back in 350 BC.

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