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Ways to Make Money Selling Information Products

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There are LOTS of ways to make money selling information products. By saying this I’m telling you that you can not only make money selling the info products yourself, but also by recommending them to others. In fact, many people (including myself) have found that selling info products authored by others is easier to do. People are more apt to buy when they feel that you are not the ultimate beneficiary of their purchase. Strange but true.

Every time I send out an ezine promoting my own information products, I get a decent response. BUT, when I send out an blast to my list promoting someone who I’ve decided to joint venture with, I often get DOUBLE the response rates.

What’s the moral of this story? In addition to promoting your own info products you also need to find other people who you know and trust and promote their information products.

Like I said, there are MANY ways to make money selling information products. 

I have a licensed piece of software. It’s I get paid every month by offering this great piece of software to my list. This is another great information product to sell: software.

Don’t get caught in the box of selling just your own info products. Sell select other people’s as well. Also, software has been VERY GOOD TO ME.

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