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Wearing Too Many Hats to Market Information?

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Staples, the office supply giant, sponsored a survey that offers very instructive data for all small businesses. Think you’re wearing too many hats to market information? Odds are very high that you are right, according to this survey.

It’s the seventh year that Staples has conducted its survey of small businesses to mine data for its own use, but also for its investors and customers. From a January 2013 press release, the following statistics may interest you as an information marketer:

  1. information marketing business hats

    Information Marketing Business Hats

    83% of small business owners are solely responsible for organizing their companies;

  2. 69% wish they could focus all of their attention on their actual business and leave the daily tasks to someone else; and
  3. 66% of owners admit it is challenging to keep up with the constant technology changes.

Can you relate to these statistics? I certainly can. But I have learned to delegate as a result of the pressure and sinking productivity associated with wearing too many hats in my information marketing business. There is a tipping point between the cost of hiring other people to help me and the expense of my own time invested in completing tasks that others can handle as well as I can.

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs (probably some of those surveyed) don’t reach that tipping point until they are so frazzled and stressed that their lives and their businesses are suffering.  Take a look at the statistics again and ask yourself, “How can I delegate some of my daily tasks to someone else so I can focus all of my attention on my business?”  Your answers to that question will help you toss aside some of those hats and get on with the tasks that ONLY YOU can do to build your business.

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