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What Can You Expect From Your Content Marketing?

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I just got an email from, and I want to share one paragraph with all my blog readers. If you are not overly impressed with the number of leads that actually get in contact with you to solve their problems in your area of expertise, you are not alone. Building a great landing page and utilizing an autoresponder system to follow up is something we can easily do when a prospect opts-in to our website.

Following that, we have some level of expectation (different for all of us, I suppose) in how many emails or phone calls we will receive asking us for help. That’s how it works in my business, anyway, and also in the businesses of most of my JV partners.

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What Can You Expect From Your Content Marketing?

Here’s the quote from –

“Few content leads (be it a white paper downloader or a webinar registrant) with need will reach out to you for a solution. We estimate it at about 10%. The remaining 90% with actual need won’t. For that reason, there is still work to do. There needs to be quick, consistent, and sustained follow-up; only that will uncover whether there is an opportunity to engage a content lead in the buying process.”

OK, that’s a pretty sobering thought, isn’t it? What would “quick, consistent and sustained follow-up” look like in your information marketing business?  Once in a while I pick up the phone and call people. Do you?

And I’ve used video emails a few times in the past as well. It really depends on whether I have met the person I’m communicating with, at one of my own seminars or at an outside event, for example.

If someone leaves me a voicemail and says he was referred by someone I know, then that person gets a call back, or a video email if it’s appropriate. I think the 90/10 rule stated by is pretty accurate, from my experience. Content marketing doesn’t produce great results unless I follow up.

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