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What Do Google Enhanced Campaigns Mean For Information Marketers?

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If you are not using Google AdWords to promote your information products, this post may not interest you. But if you are buying keywords to get traffic and sales, read on. What do Google Enhanced Campaigns mean for information marketers anyway?

This is a big subject and I’ll just brush across the surface of it in this post today. Basically, this quote from John Rampton’s post on the Search Engine Journal explains it pretty well:

“Now you can Geotarget broadly with selective bid adjustments for improved results.  This will allow you to improve your overall results by using a broad location target to cover your entire potential market while refining your bids in select areas.

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What Do Google Enhanced Campaigns Mean For Information Marketers?

With old campaigns (outside of enhanced campaigns) you had to create a separate campaign for each location that you were trying to bid on.  Now with enhanced campaigns you can increase or decrease your bids by a specific percent for any location target in your campaign.”

Geotargeting is local advertising on the web. It’s a great way to “own” your topic or your chosen keywords in a narrow market. That may be all you need if you are a local business. And it is a good way to get increased attention in local areas, even if your online market is the whole world.

In a subsequent article on Search Engine Journal that was posted by Joey Bridges this week, he reports the following:

“In Google’s notes they make the statement “Account management has also been consolidated for tablets and desktops.”

Because Bridges manages ad campaigns for clients, he is advising them (and us) that Google is putting tablet traffic and PC traffic into the same AdWords pool, which is completely separate than smart phone traffic. Ad campaigns for PCs will also show up on tablet devices.”

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