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What Info Marketers Need To Know When Google Does It Again

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It’s official, Google is changing the way it ranks websites. Again. Are you wondering what info marketers need to know when Google does it again? The truth is that nobody knows for sure how any one particular website will be affected, but some particularly web-savvy individuals can guess.

Marcela De Vivo posted on Search Engine Journal lately, and she wrote this on the subject of backlinks:

google information marketing

What Info Marketers Need To Know When Google Does It Again

“Start by running your backlinks and getting a baseline.  How many of your links are from high quality vs low quality sites? And who is actually linking to you?

If you find links from spammy or low quality sites, why not email the site and request for the link to be removed?  If you do, document this!  Keep track of everyone you’ve emailed and when.  You may need this information if you DO get penalized and have to file a reconsideration request.”

I’m not sure if De Vivo’s comments are making complete sense to you, but here’s what I DO know for sure – this is a task I will be delegating to my webmaster. I am not an expert on backlinks and I do not intend to become an expert.  But one thing is for certain, I’d better have an expert on my team who DOES know what he is talking about, and who knows if the backlinks into my sites are hurting my page rankings.

I’m sharing this cutting-edge SEO information with you right now because the world is expecting another Google change any day now. Let’s all fasten our seatbelts and position our information marketing websites to survive the changes.

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