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What Information Marketing Types Can Learn from Songwriters

Information Marketing

This may sound like a strange comparison, but it’s 100% accurate. Songwriters can teach info marketers a thing or two about how to do business. I think this will make a LOT of sense as you read through this post.

Good, prolific songwriters make a lot of money. Why? Because every time their music gets played, they get paid. Not a lot, but if they write a great song, it will get played a LOT of times. It will obviously get played a lot MORE when the song first comes out, but if it’s a good one, you’ll keep hearing it get played, year after year.

Information marketers are in a position to do something every similar. Every piece of digital content that you produce and make available for sale, COULD earn you a LOT of money. If you produce great, timeless content, then like a song, people will want to buy what you offer, year after year.

A great song is different than most digital content that info product marketers produce. Songs have universal appeal and they are often times timeless in their messages.

Some producers of digital products who market and sell information fall into this category. At this point, regrettably, much of what I write and sell is pretty timely. NOT timeless. I’m starting to change that now.

A good example, that I use all the time when I do a speaking engagement or hold a seminar is this one. Virtually everyone on the planet is familiar with the book “Think and Grow Rich”. It’s a timeless work. IF YOU can produce a work that is similarly timeless (in digital form) it will continue to sell forever. Much like a song.

Songwriters do have it a bit easier in this regard. Usually, when you have a GREAT song, it is by definition, timeless. Just look at Frank Sinatra!

Info products are a bit tougher to make timeless. But, it’s worth shooting for.

Most of the products I produce are timely because they involve some online marketing components. Given the speed that things change online, it would be impossible to create timeless products related to marketing online.

So, I’m using a dual track approach. An approach I suggest you try to use as well. In addition to the majority of my product production which is timely, I’m starting to produce and create items that will have some “staying power”. That will be around for a long time. That’s the goal.

I would suggest you understand and exploit the similarities of songwriters as an info marketer. The VAST majority of songs if they are hits are off the charts again in a matter of weeks. A very SMALL percentage will become classic, timeless songs.

Produce a LOT of content. TRY and shoot for some timeless content. BUT, don’t turn down being a one hit wonder (every once is a while). Remember, even my namesake Right Said Fred still gets paid every time you hear: “I’m too sexy”!

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