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What Is A Virtual Book Tour?

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What is a virtual book tour? You’ve probably seen or heard of the idea online and possibly offline, too.  It’s popular with novelists and also non-fiction information marketing authors.

Lou Bortone and his guest blogger, Dvorah Lansky talked about it back in 2011, describing it as, “A Virtual Book or Blog Tour is much like a traditional book tour but instead of the author flying from city to city, they are featured on a wide variety of blogs and websites across the internet.”

So, a virtual book tour requires a hub, or a home base, such as your blog.  Bortone and Lansky say, “Your book blog is the online hub for your book tour. It is where people will come to find out more about you and your book. It is where the hosts of your tour can access your media kit and it is where your visitors can view your videos and purchase your book.”


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What Is A Virtual Book Tour?

Dorothy Thompson described virtual book tours ‘way back in 2006: “A virtual book tour is simply touring “blogs” instead of bookstores.  It’s a wonderful way to gain exposure for your book without leaving the comfort of your home.”  I’m including these vintage links just to show that the idea is not new, and that is has worked for authors and info marketers for many years.

Thompson explains further: “The first thing you need to do is line up interested blogmeisters who would be willing to host you… To find them, put your topic in any known blog search engine, and pay them a visit.  Don’t spring it on them all at once, but visit their blogs, comment and let them get to know you first.  Build up their confidence in you…  find those blogs which get a creditable amount of traffic—and hopefully, updated daily—that would be interested in hosting you.“

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