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What is Information Marketing?

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The basic building block of information marketing is, of course, information. Information about any subject can be marketable, and the key to selling information is attracting buyers who are interested in buying it.

First you need to put together your information, and second you need to attract interested buyers.

Most people think that the word “product” means something tangible. Oh, the financial industry and the insurance industry also use the word for generating intangible sales. We’ve all heard of financial products and insurance products, right?

Information Marketing

What is information marketing?

Information products are really no different. The idea is to create something that can be sold, whether it is a tangible book or an audio or video disk, or an intangible digital download.  You may decide to provide your information product in more than one format, giving your customers a choice.

But before you can create an information product of any type you have to stop and consider what you know and who else would be interested in knowing it. This contemplation is really the basis of all your success or failure in any info marketing endeavor.

The question is, “Who else needs to know what I know?”

I have to ask myself this same question every time I create a new product. Even though I have sold products on information marketing for the last 20 years, I am not so different than the person who is creating his or her first info product.

We all have to start by asking, “Who else needs to know what I know?”

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    […] Most of us are not rock stars. We don’t have screaming fans rushing us in public or waiting in line all night long to buy concert tickets.  But I can tell you that your info products will speak to somebody as soon as you create them. You already have fans for your information marketing. […]

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