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What Should You Focus On To Market Information?

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None of us has enough hours in the day. So, what should you focus on to market information? What are the critical tasks required to build your info business quickly?

Naturally, that answer differs for each person, every day. Our own to-do lists reflect where we are in the process of creating, marketing and selling products. But one thing is true for all of us, and it’s the topic of copywriter Barry Feldman’s blog post called, “The Most Effective Online Marketers Focus on One Thing.”

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What Should You Focus On To Market Information?

Feldman says, “The most effective marketers focus on the customer. While it may be the oldest lesson in marketing communications, all you have to do is read corporate websites to be reminded how often it’s shunned.”

Ouch. He’s right, of course. Feldman’s post reminded me to look hard at my own writing again, and see it from the perspective of my target audience. I have to “be there” with them. No, I have to BE THEM. I can’t write exclusively from my own perspective, I have to own the perspective of my reader. Honestly, it’s a constant challenge.

The dichotomy is this – I want to tell you what I know in order to help you prosper in your information marketing business. But I have to take into consideration that you will be riding along a learning curve and needing just the right input at any one time.  Hopefully, you are getting a good sense of what I’m saying here, because now you need to flip it around and apply it to your own clients and customers, too.

Yes, it’s easier said than done. But it’s the constant, daily challenge on ALL of our to-do lists.

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