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What To Ask Before Creating Your Mobile Information Marketing

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Asking the right questions is usually the secret to getting the right answers whenever we’re faced with a dilemma that affects our businesses. Mostly it’s a matter of knowing what to ask before creating your mobile information marketing websites.

Greg Hickman has some suggestions on his recent Think Mobility post:

“These questions help me determine how, and more importantly when, to move forward with a new mobile opportunity.

What problem is this solving? This could be a customer problem or even an internal operational problem.

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What To Ask Before Creating Your Mobile Information Marketing

How will using this mobile solution make my customer’s life (or employee’s life) better?

How and how soon will it contribute to the businesses bottom line?

You see, at the end of the day I call myself a revenue marketer.”

This list is ultimately sensible and practical. Notice how it doesn’t involve trying every flashy trend that comes along, and keeps a sharp focus on revenue. Honestly, it’s entirely possible that mobile marketing will create more problems than it solves unless you know exactly what outcomes you want.

Just as Flash websites have proven to be less than effective for site load speed and SEO purposes, even though they may look attractive to visitors on the site, various mobile applications may not serve your basic purposes either.

I really like Hickman’s summary, “Solve a problem. Make your customer’s life better. Make more money.” Sounds good to me, and I hope it works well in your information marketing business, too.

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