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What’s Getting In The Way Of Your Info Product Creation?

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If you are honest, you might have several items on a list of what’s getting in the way of your info product creation. Some will undoubtedly be business issues, and some are more likely to be personal.  Despite our best-laid plans for our businesses and our lives, S#*% happens.

CJ Hayden, an editor on RainToday, posted on this all-too-common subject this week. She said one thing that caught my attention because it makes a lot of sense:

info product marketing road blocks

What’s Getting In The Way Of Your Info Product Creation?

“If there is one item that stays on the top of your marketing to-do list day after day, you may not realize how much of your energy it’s consuming. Every time you look at this incomplete task, it takes time and energy to consider it once again, and it probably also causes you some stress.

Whenever you notice you repeatedly resist a marketing task, either take it off your list or take at least some action on it right away. Your entire day (and the rest of the tasks on your list) will go more smoothly when you are no longer weighed down by that one undone item you keep staring at.”

There’s a point at which a perpetual to-do item has to get done or get gone. I like to take care of these things sooner rather than later, because that is how I get on with the information product creation and marketing that makes up my real livelihood.

If you can ask yourself the question – What’s getting in my way on this item today? –  you will be much closer to moving forward to moving the item off your list entirely. Try it!

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