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Everybody is wondering what’s new about link building, since Google is changing the way our external and internal links affect page ranking.  Seems like there are so many changes that it is nearly impossible to keep up, so that’s why I rely on the people who build links as their primary business. They are the experts on what is up-to-the-minute and proving to be effective for their clients.

Brian Dean is one of those experts, and he posted the following on Page One Power lately:

“You already know that contextual links are much more powerful than a link trapped inside a hidden author bio box.

That’s where Buddy Guest Blogging comes in handy.

Instead of writing and submitting the guest post yourself, hire a freelancer or an SEO firm (your buddy) to do it for you.

info marketing link building

What’s New About Link Building?

When their post gets published, they get author bio link, with one condition:

That they link to your site as a resource somewhere within the content.

That way you get the contextual link you need without having to sneak it into your guest post.”

Dean is suggesting that it appears more natural to Google and other search engines for a link to your site to appear in an article or blog post written by somebody else, rather than inserting your own links. This is not out of line as far as online media goes, because big news sites use this technique all the time.

It can be just as effective for information marketers needing links back to their sites to boost their page ranking, too.

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