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When Selling Info Products, Make It EASY for Your Customers

Information Marketing

If you’re involved in marketing and selling info products, you’ll want to carefully read and understand this post.

I just had a back and forth exchange with one of my former high school classmates. The discussion revolved around the naming of a Facebook group. I was invited to join a group that had a name that confused me.

The name made it clear that the group included my old high school buddies. What was NOT clear was WHERE the group was based or whom they were targeting.

I posted on the page explaining that I was initially confused as to the acronym they were using. It was a series of letters that abbreviated the San Francisco Bay Area. I was not familiar with the acronym being used and had to struggle to figure things out.

When I suggested changing the group name, people got upset. They suggested that it was CLEAR what the group was about. NOT TO ME!

Are you doing something similar with YOUR customers?

Do you throw terms, acronyms and verbal short-hand around THINKING that people will understand?


True, SOME people will know what you’re talking about. MANY will not.

What’s your goal at your site? To try and impress people with your use of jargon or make sales and generate business? Even with a “stupid little Facebook group” you should be cognizant of these issues.

The goal of your site when selling info products should be to get people to either buy or opt-in. Making it difficult for people to understand what you’re doing and whom you’re targeting is a big mistake.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a group of your old high school buddies or folks you plan to make a lot of money selling something to.

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One Response to “When Selling Info Products, Make It EASY for Your Customers”

  1. Paul on July 6th, 2011 1:24 pm

    Hi fred,

    In regards to your post. The absolute relevance of it speaks loud and clear. I like to always refer back to the term KISS Keep It Simple Stupid. And also in regards to attempting to sell oneself either through social media sites or actual websites. I believe the most important thing to keep in mind, is that one must never head off on a tangent to where to end objective is not clear.

    Every topic has to have a clear and relevant point in place to where the according action needed to be taken, should be as clear as day for anyone to understand. If an 8 year old child can’t read it with fluent crystal clarity. The objective is not met, as the end result is not firm or clear.

    I like to look at my sales structuring, with the following view point. Know your end objective, then work your way back to the beginning. A bit like climbing down from the top of a tree all the way to the bottom. The only step in front of you is the step before hand, to where once you get to the finish line (the beginning). The path to where your client needs to be sent is sitting their as clear as day for them to take the according actions on.

    And to wrap that entire spiel up in one sentence. Be direct and get to the point. I don’t know, maybe my methods of madness can work for some but not for others. But all i will say in regards to it is this.

    These methods I am talking about do work, And they do work that well that it has seen me have to almost walk on egg shells in regards to the consulting work I do. As literally every new prospective client I come across, want’s to jump on board ship from the manner in which I have presented myself and my works to them.

    Also, I like to think that their nothing wrong with bringing your own game and set of rules to the table. It shows that you are an individual and in a sense, it helps to segregate yourself from the rest of the crowd you are competing against.

    Righto, that’s enough of my rambling for now. I hope you find this relevant to your topic and I hope you have a great week,

    Warm regards,


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