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As a leader in the information marketing field, I get approached frequently to promote various products. A few minutes ago I finished an email exchange with someone who has been trying to get me to promote his products.

When I was first approached to consider recommending his material, I asked to be sent a copy of the products. I am SHOCKED at how many people will promote things they have NEVER seen. This is CRAZY and STUPID!

I can’t think of a single instance in which I could be persuaded to promote a product site unseen. If I WERE to do this, I could severely jeopardize my single greatest asset in this business: my REPUTATION.

So, why is it that so many people do things DIFFERENTLY than I do?

It comes back to the same issue every time. Money. IF most info marketers feel they can make a bunch of money RIGHT NOW, they would promote used syringes. Sad but true.

I take a much different approach.

When someone asks me to promote a product, here is what I do. If I don’t know the person, I Google them to see what other people have to say about them. This isn’t the only thing that influences my decision, but it DOES play a part. If I see a lot of negative comments about someone, I’ll be super cautious.

The next thing I’ll do is to ask to review a copy of the product. In this most recent example, I was told that I could see what they had so far. I would not be able to see the “finished” product. Again, I’m a bit concerned. What if the finished product doesn’t look like the product that I saw? Then what?

As a MAC guy, I HATE getting videos in .wmv format. It’s a pain the butt to try and view on a MAC and the quality is inferior to Quicktime. IF you want me to promote a product that has a video component, understand that us MAC people are GROWING in number. We don’t like .wmv files.

The answer I was given was that the FINAL version would be in a more “universal” format. That did not make it easy for me to review the videos right now. That’s a problem.

If you want to go out and promote products without seeing them, be my guest. I think it’s a BAD idea. I’ll stick to my plan to only promote products that I’ve reviewed AND to only promote people that I TRUST.

This formula seems to work for me.

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