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Which Comes First, The Info Product or The Testimonials?

Information Marketing

Is it the chicken or the egg? Seriously, which one comes first? Nobody knows, and nobody really knows which comes first, the info product or the testimonials because so many shoppers rely on other people’s comments for making their own buying decisions now.

The answer to my question is not a standard, pat answer either, but I hope it’s instructive for building information products that achieve success, however you measure it. Remember, some info marketers measure success in terms of opt-ins, and some in terms of sales.

info marketing success measurement

Information Marketing Success Measurement

Both are valuable commodities, but a plastic surgeon is really waiting for the phone to ring as new patients call for appointments.  Restaurants are waiting for new diners.  These are examples of local businesses, but online stores are waiting for those shopping carts to fill up and those credit cards to go through, too. Sooner or later, money needs to change hands as a result of opt-ins.

That being said, the point of offering free info products such as whitepapers, e-books or audio and video tutorials is to get attention, get opt-ins and get sales. Some people are eager to be the first ones to discover you and what you have to offer, and other people (far more than the pioneers) want to wait and see the product or service reviews. They don’t want to be the guinea pigs. No way. They want to play it safe because safe = smart.

Basically, you have to know who your info products are directed towards in order to speak directly to early adopters or the ones who come along later when there are plenty of comments to read and consider. It matters.

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