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Every information marketer should be doing speaking as one component of their revenue mix. Some of you may really LIKE speaking. Or you may be doing it just because you feel you “should.”

I recently completed a site geared specifically to the speaking side of my info products business. You can make upwards of $5,000 an hour when you speak. Not a bad hourly rate, is it?

Take a look at my site to give you an idea of some of the components that you need in your speaking site. Take a close look at GleeckSpeaks before you read any further.

Your first question is probably: DO I NEED A SEPARATE SPEAKING WEBSITE?

Only if you want to be taken SERIOUSLY as a speaker.

If speaking is something that you REALLY want to do, YES, you DO need a separate website devoted JUST to speaking. And, if you reserve a site, please do so at! (blatant plug)

Here are the components of a good speaking site:

1. Your Video Demo – You MUST put together a selection of clips from your speeches. No longer than 10-12 minutes in length. The more DIFFERENT locations where you are speaking, the better.

2. Your Bio – In this section, usually called your ABOUT page, you need to give an overall idea of who you are, what you’ve done and WHY an organization should hire you to be a speaker at their event.

3. Pics – Always a good idea to have some good pictures of you. Both the more traditional “headshots” and some ACTION shots. Give them a number to choose from. They will probably be using them to promote the event where you’re a speaker.

4. Contact Information – As you can see at my site, I have a relatively long and exhaustive form that I ask people to fill out. I suggest you do the same. The idea here is that if someone is SERIOUS about using you as a speaker, this is data they will have to give you at some point. It might as well be NOW.

5. Topics – Don’t appear to be a speaker who will speak on ANY topic. List no more than 5 different topics that you speak on. Any more than 5 will make you look like you’re a JACK OF ALL TRADES. Not what you want people to think. They hire you to speak because you’re a professional! This is how to do it.

6. Client List – If you’ve done any speaking, here is the place to list who you’ve spoken for. You can legitimately list companies and organizations regardless of whether or not you got paid! Need a client list, speak for free!

7. Media – If you’ve done media appearances, here is the place to put them. Separate them into Print, Radio, Video and Online coverage you’ve received. The more, the better. It gives you enhanced credibility in the mind of your client.

8. Testimonials – Get the highest profile folks you can for this area. Video is best, but use ANY positive feedback you’ve received. Make sure that you have the documentation to PROVE that so-and-so said something about you.

Feel free to use my site as a template for you to use. AND, if you have any questions, make sure and ask me right here. I’ll be happy to answer them!

Process Orders From Your Website in Just 15 Minutes!

Get a COMPLETE system to help you market your online business

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