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Why You Won’t Like All My Information Products

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I wake up every morning knowing why you won’t like all my information products. And I am completely comfortable with what I know. It keeps me busy developing and creating new products, which is what an info marketer needs to do every day. I am motivated by the fact that I cannot please everyone all the time.

This attitude turns most “people-pleasers” upside down. At the very least it makes their heads spin. But that doesn’t really concern me either because anyone having those reactions can finally wake up and get on the road to recovery. Trying to please everyone is impossible, and that is doubly true in your information marketing.

information marketing sub-niching

Trying to please everyone is impossible, and that is doubly true in your information marketing.

Trying to please everybody costs you in two distinct ways. It costs you because it is doomed to fail due to human nature, and it costs you in time wasted from your most productive activity, which is pleasing the people who have shown you their interest.

Someone who opts-in to your email list or contacts you directly online is showing signs of becoming a customer. Someone who approaches you and gives you a business card or info product at a seminar is showing signs of becoming a client or even a partner. Those are the people you aim to please.

I paste a bulls-eye on them in my mind, and I think about which products to promote to them. And if I don’t already have a product, I create one. I am not creating information products for everyone on the planet because that would be a waste of time.  I focus and I take aim on my target market only.

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