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Words That Work for Marketing Information

Information Marketing

No, this is not an all-purpose list of words, because words that work for marketing information are decidedly different for different target markets. Ballet students will respond to their own familiar ballet terms expressed in an artistic manner, and engineering students will tend to just want the numbers, plain and simple. The words that work in every situation will speak directly to the reader.

But how those specific words are arranged is another matter entirely. Copywriting and especially headline-writing are skills that could each be described as a unique art form. Karon Thackston has an article in the Wordtracker Academy that is designed to teach Pay-Per-Click advertising skills, but it applies to all good writing, as far as I’m concerned.

Words That Work for Marketing Information

Words That Work for Marketing Information

Her points are few, but oh-so-critical for marketing information on any topic: 1) ask a question;  2) solve a problem;  and 3) use a statistic. Sound simple? Let’s look at a few examples of my own right now:

Hearing Raccoons In Your Attic?

Shedding Pounds But Still Wearing The Same Clothes?

Running Out Of Storage Space For Your Kids’ Stuff?

Find The Right Doctor Every Time You Need One

Hide Those Bulging Trash Bags All Week

Put Away Your Carpet Cleaner Forever!

635 Childcare Providers Can’t Be Wrong

Increase Your Income By 20% This Month

Is Your Marriage In The 50% Failure Zone?

OK, there you go. Every one of these headlines is an information product just ripe for the picking. And they are also email subject lines, blog post titles and social media teasers.

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