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More likely than not, you are working your info products business from home.  Even with a dedicated space in your home there are probably plenty of distractions going on, vying for your attention every working day.

Nellie Akalp’s article titled, “Solving The 4 Top Pitfalls of Working From Home,” hits the high points that most of us face building an information marketing business from home.  Akalp says, “The number of Americans working from home has jumped 41 percent since 1999, and that trend toward telecommuting or running a home-based business should continue to grow as technology continues to evolve.”

information marketing home business

Working Your Info Products Business From Home?

I’m certain that the proliferation of opportunities to earn money online during that same period contributes considerably to the increasing numbers of people working from home.  But the economic conditions are a big factor as well. Baby boomers who find themselves downsized out of a job, for example, often begin to explore their options for earning money online with information marketing.

Akalp’s list of work-at-home challenges includes: 1) You can’t stay focused; 2) You lose boundaries; 3) You work too much; 4) You feel isolated. Honestly, looking again at her list, those same challenges exist in a busy office workplace as well, don’t they? These are the most basic impediments to our ability to focus and get our work done, no matter where we are located at work.

Focusing your attention on writing and making audio and video recordings requires a private, quiet and secure location where distracting sounds cannot interfere. It’s that simple. You don’t need a recording studio, but you need quiet, both for writing and recording.  Find a way to organize a space that will work for your needs in order to build your business now, and find other people who are working at home creating info products with whom you can share ideas, too.

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