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Probably the one thing I’ve heard more often than anything else over the last 30 years is, “Fred, how do you manage to write so much?” If you are feeling overwhelmed at the thought that you have to write articles as content marketing now, I am going to tell you the same thing I tell the people who have questioned me in the past.

First of all, write the way you talk. Don’t get hung up on pleasing your old high-school English teacher (he or she may very well be dead and buried by now anyway) because that stops all of us in our tracks. Just write the way you would talk in a conversation with a friend. Really, it’s that simple.

information marketing writing

Write Articles As Content Marketing

Typing and talking are not all that different. And these days, you can literally “talk” your articles by using voice recognition software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking.  There are other brands of voice software of course, but I like that one. It’s not perfect, and you’ll need to go back and edit it, but it saves you TONS of time capturing thoughts to get started writing articles.

Once you see those words appearing on the page, it’s no longer blank. That’s a big deal at first. I have no problem filling up a page, but lots of people are intimidated by the blank page, so getting some words on it is a good tip to JUST DO IT.

Content marketing is simply the use of carefully crafted articles and blog posts that lure search engines and human beings to your landing pages, websites and blogs. Content is articles, and articles are simply what you say in conversation. Got it? Content = conversation.

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