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Results of a CopyPress study show that featured articles provide more return on investment than videos. I interpret these statistics to mean that words still work better to convert customers than videos. That means we should write articles to get traffic and sales.

Now, that may not be a popular thing to say. I am aware of that. Videos may get more views, but readers may be more serious buyers. What do you think?  Any experiences to share?

Possibly even more instructive is the following idea about authorship, and I’m quoting the EMarketer article linked above:

information marketing writing

Write Articles To Get Traffic and Sales

“The CopyPress study found that approximately two-thirds of respondents considered authorship to play an important role in their content marketing strategy, while one-third did not. Authorship generally refers to whether articles are bylined, and whether those bylines are from high-profile individuals.”

Oh boy, that’s good to know. Publishing articles associated with our own name is seen as more legitimate than nameless, faceless copy on a site or a blog. My sentiments exactly, for many years now, I should add.   Don’t you always wonder who wrote it when there’s no author indicated?  I do.

Here’s another interesting quote based on the same study:

“For the coming year, the number of marketers listing content marketing as their top priority nearly doubled, to 34.8%, making it the top focus for the highest percentage of respondents in 2013.”

That’s really no surprise. Most internet marketers, which is EVERYBODY now, including big companies with products lining the shelves at WalMart, understand that Google loves content and to get good rankings from Google, and good return on investment in the form of sales, we have to provide a lot of content, frequently.

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