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I am always looking for ways to write website content that readers enjoy so much that they take action and buy something. Providing value in my content is one component of building that kind of reading enjoyment (and video and audio of course) but it’s not just WHAT is said, but HOW it’s said that creates an enjoyable experience.

Chris Bolton posted on the HostBaby Blog recently, and his comments were directed towards authors and artists in particular, but they definitely apply to information marketers in any field of expertise:

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Write Website Content Readers Enjoy

“… focusing too much on yourself can hurt your website copy. And it’s not necessarily that writing about yourself is bad; it’s how you do it that makes all the difference. It’s common for us humans to focus on ourselves, and to a lesser extent on others, but good copy is about telling stories that will interest your readers.

As artists, one of the most important things we can do is focus on others. After all, we’re talking about fans here. We’re talking about the people that come to your events and buy your merch. These people are royalty. So, when you write, blog, or email your audience, make sure your copy isn’t too self-centric.”

Our web content represents us to a world of readers that will probably never meet us in person. So in a very real way, our content represents the totality of who we are and what we do.  Better make it an enjoyable experience, right? If we want to attract an audience and a readership that endures, we have to offer value and enjoyment, together as a package deal.

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