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Writing A Business Plan For Information Marketing

Information Marketing

Have you considered writing a business plan for information marketing? Creating and selling info product means you’re starting or running a business, and that means a good plan is in order, right?

Jill Berry’s basic article on DocStock shows you the basic parts of a business plan, making it clear that you need one even if you are not involving investors at start-up. You need a plan for YOU; making financial goals is very motivating. She links to this 31-page template that will leave no stone unturned in your thinking process as you prepare or just read though the document.

info marketing business plan

Business Plan For Information Marketing

Is a business plan really necessary for information marketing? No, it is not necessary. But I can honestly say that it forces a level of focus on the business aspect that most entrepreneurs without a business plan sorely miss. Berry’s short introductory list is deceptively valuable:

  1. Executive Summary — Think of this as the information you would cover in a 5-minute interview about your business. Explain what you make, provide to customers. Describe the products. List the owners.
  2. Mission Statement — Explain company’s purpose in less than 30 words.
  3. Overall Goals and Objectives — Where will the business be in the future? How will you measure achievement of objectives?
  4. Business Philosophy — What is important to the business?
  5. Target audience for products, services.

I guarantee that writing out a description of those five points will put you ‘way ahead of nearly all information marketers, and most existing small businesses as well.  Even if you don’t explore the 31-page template linked above, you will have a basic document to launch your info products business and keep it on track.

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