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Writing an Ebook

Information Marketing

One of the fastest ways to get an info product out the door is to write an ebook. You can either write it yourself or pay someone else to write it. The single BIGGEST key to your success is a detailed outline of your content and knowledge.

Depending on what you’re going to use the ebook for you can make it more or less “fancy”. Any intelligent information products marketer will have ebooks as one of the elements in their info products arsenal.

If your audience is strictly looking for content you don’t need to do anything more than take a Microsoft Word file and turn it into a PDF document. You don’t even have to put a cover on the ebook. If you’re going to sell your ebook to a market that needs to see an attractive cover on it, then you’ll probably have to pay someone to do that or do it yourself.

Writing an ebook should be the front end of any information marketers product funnel. The problem is that many people get obsessed with making their ebook perfect. As I’ve always said, done is better than perfect. Many writers and authors want to make their ebook error free. Bad idea. Most authors will spend countless hours trying to make sure everything is JUST RIGHT in their ebook.

If you’re interested in making some real money, crank out your ebooks. Warts and all. You can fix them later. BUT, you’ll be fixing them with money in your checking account.

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