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I just saw a Facebook post about an event that I missed. It was geared to non fiction writers. As an information marketing person, I’m always curious about the writing end of things, so I took at look at the agenda and the speakers. Interesting.

Many people just don’t get it. You don’t make money from your books (unless you’re Stephen King or a very select few other writers), you make money from everything that comes AFTER your book.

Until writers understand this fact, the vast majority of them will be relegated to eating Ramen Noodles for another year. Writers are a strange breed. Many of them are purists. I consider myself an information marketer first and a writer second. I’m not a purist. I don’t believe that writing is the ONLY thing that matters. I think that anything you can create that can help people DO something is a worthy pursuit.

The thing about writing is that it has helped me build my info products business. Without writing, I wouldn’t have a HUGE list of people who seem to care about what I have to say in my field. My free ebooks were able to get me over 70,000 new subscribers to my ezine at one point in time. Amazing how important writing is.

If you’re a PURIST, understand that writing is essential. However, it may not be what makes you the big bucks. The key for the non-fiction writer is to understand that writing should be used to GENERATE LEADS, to BUILD YOUR LIST. To get people into your funnel. To convince people what a “genius” you are in your field.

I had to chuckle when one of the writers who was speaking at the conference I referenced above put in his bio how he travels “X,000 miles a week” sharing his message. GREAT if you want to do this by choice, but the writer who understands information marketing doesn’t have to get on a plane to go anywhere if they don’t want.

Information marketing when married to writing will allow a writer more time to ruminate and write. It will fill their coffers with the means to think and contemplate what needs to be written next.

Non-fiction writers need to understand info marketing. If they don’t, they will be poor for the most part. This should not be their fate. It doesn’t have to be. They deserve more. They need to understand the new model. The new paradigm.

If you’re a non-fiction writer, come with me. Understand that you TOO deserve to make real money and don’t have to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day. Unless, you’re like me and consider them a gourmet meal!!

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