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Writing Emotional Content To Market Information

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We all need to master the art of writing emotional content to market information. Or, alternatively, we need to delegate the writing to somebody else.  I don’t usually suggest that alternative, but it’s a consideration if you really don’t like to write, or simply don’t have time to write your own content.

Fortunately, there are formulas and techniques for writing to convey and generate emotion in order to motivate readers.  You can begin to learn what you need to know about copywriting from books, writing instructors and even video presentations.


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Writing Emotional Content To Market Information

Sharon Livingston, President of Qualitative Research Association, is adept at explaining emotional copywriting, and she often suggests combining it with storytelling in order to write content that motivates readers to take action.

Honestly, I’ve discovered that some information marketers are very good at writing this type of copy for their own products, and some are not. The ones who are not good just don’t feel comfortable in the role of salesperson, which is unfortunate.

Everything we do as information marketers is essentially sales. It is consultative sales because we are offering great value in our topics whenever we write and speak, but the goal is always to make a sale. Even if we are focused on getting opt-ins to our list, the eventual goal is to make a sale.

Livingston says, “If you tap into the right emotional connections, you’ll build long-lasting relationships with loyal brand customers.” That is EXACTLY what we aim to do with all our content and information marketing activities, all the time. We are building loyal relationships in order to build our info products business for the long term with a continuous flow of sales.

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