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Writing Your Contents Just The Right Length

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If you have been purchasing information products for a few years, you know that they seem to be getting shorter and shorter in length. There are probably more than two reasons for this, but the main reasons are simply that people don’t have as much time to create or to read lengthy content. It’s pretty basic. So, writing your information product content so that it covers your topic without taxing your clients and customers is a crucial skill.

Eric Cummings posted on Write To Done recently, and his words will make an unforgettable impression on you regarding the challenge of keeping your writing to the proper length for your info product purposes:

info marketing article length

Writing Your Contents Just The Right Length

“Way back in 8th grade, I learned a lesson that changed the way I write.

Learning how to write five-paragraph essays — our first such essays ever — our class was debating how long they should be. Suddenly, our teacher started laughing.

‘They’re like mini skirts,’ she laughed. ‘Long enough to cover everything, but short enough to keep it interesting!’ When it comes to length, I follow this rule.

As I said, you probably won’t forget that image, and it will serve you well when you create products and write blog posts and articles. Considering the habits of your particular audience is the first place to start, and then packing in the value is the way to go.

More Cummings:

“In general, on the web, shorter is better.  With no editor and no page limit, bloggers can just write and write and write. Avoid this temptation.  Does your blog post have multiple ideas in it? Consider splitting up the post.”

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