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Writing Your Information Marketing Blog

Information Marketing

Right now you are reading mine and at the same time I am encouraging you to write yours, too. Writing your information marketing blog is not really optional anymore. I am doing it because it has been shown to increase traffic to my website and my products.

Increasing traffic to your website and selling your information products are the same reasons you should blog for your business. But there is also another reason.  It is one that may not be immediately apparent until you stop and think about it a little bit.

information marketing blog

Writing your information marketing blog is not really optional anymore

The third reason I’m suggesting here may turn out to the best idea of all. Over time, a series of short blog posts can add up to a substantial amount of content. And that content can be repurposed into more information products.

There are part-time authors who take time out of busy work schedules every day to write their books. Sometimes they set a timer and write furiously until they hear the chime to stop, and that’s it for the day’s writing.

Essentially, you can do the same thing with your blog posts, but there is an additional benefit that book authors don’t enjoy – your words are out there on the web working for you as soon as you post them. This is a tremendous advantage. You are attracting readers and building your email list during the writing process.

If you think you might eventually publish your blog posts in the form of an e-book or a printed book it is very likely that you will have a more coherent blog as well. Individual posts will fit and flow together as you write them.

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