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Your Brand May Be More Valuable Than Your Book

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More than one aspect of information marketing may seem a bit topsy-turvy now. I’ve blogged about some others recently, but today I’d like to talk about how your brand may be more valuable than your book. Hard to believe? Well, it’s all about social proof, and about building an active list that wants to hear from you in a variety of different ways.

Dennis Abrams posted on Publishing Perspectives lately, and he put this topic in clear perspective for all authors, which would include information marketers as well.  A book can be foundational to building your information marketing business, on any niche topic.

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Your Brand May Be More Valuable Than Your Book

His article focuses on Helen Nathan, a writer of children’s fiction, but her story provides an excellent model for all authors to follow.  Nathan has built a remarkably popular brand for her books because she uses her personal life experience as a mother of young daughters who love fantasy characters and also love to bake cupcakes.

I realize that may not sound anything like your own information marketing topic, but my points in describing Nathan’s branding choices are these: 1) use parts, possibly disparate parts of your life experience and combine them to establish a unique brand, and 2) develop that brand BEFORE you write and market your e-books and related information products. Those are the two important points any writer and info marketer can learn from Nathan’s publishing success story.

Have you given consideration to your information marketing brand, and how you can build it in order to build your business now?

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