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When you are an information marketer, chances are good that you have a lot of websites already. Today I want to talk about your info marketing author website. You may be using your book or e-book as a platform for speaking engagements and for attracting coaching clients. Making sure that you have a website that showcases you and promotes you well in your status as an author will be  important to your overall information marketing business.

Author and publisher Jane Friedman posted advice regarding author websites on her blog lately, giving specific advice regarding WordPress plugins. If you don’t have a WordPress site, her suggestions may not apply directly to you. But her primary point is well-taken, which is that we all need to have the ability to track visitors to our sites and determine their source. That gives us important information for building and maintaining our sites for success.

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Your Info Marketing Author Website

Blogger Kathleen Gage posted on The Future Of Ink this week, and her suggestions fall directly line with this topic, too. She is writing to information marketers who are also authors:

“To increase conversions and trust and minimize refund rates do the following:

1. Be visible to your market. The more visible you are the more people tend to trust you. Visibility can be achieved by way of blogging, guest blogging, article marketing, interviews on web radio, teleseminars and telesummits and strategic social media activity.

2. Create the best information products you possibly can. Make the content extremely high value to the end user. Whether it be a five page report or a ten module home study course the content absolutely must be something you are extremely proud of.

3. Offer a rock solid guarantee on your information products. Have the confidence to stand behind your product with a 100% money back guarantee. Granted, there are some people who abuse refund policies, yet most consumers are honest. They appreciate the fact you are willing to offer a great guarantee.”

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