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My weekly webinar is a great tool for my joint venture partners to communicate with me and with each other. I’ve been using webinars for a long time now and I’m comfortable with sharing my computer screen as well as giving a spontaneous presentation, responding to questions and allowing others to respond as well.

But you may not like to take on all that responsibility at once. So, teleseminars can be a good alternative, one that new information marketers often prefer.  They are conducted on the telephone instead of a computer, although it is possible to use your computer as your phone, too.

info marketing teleseminar

Your Information Marketing Teleseminars Revisited

Bob Jenkins gives some good teleseminar planning ideas in his post on The Future of Ink, which is geared towards repurposing the recorded presentation. I use this idea to great advantage with webinars, too.

Jenkins says, “You can rapidly increase your digital publishing when you reduce the time it takes for you to create and publish your content. And my favorite way to do that is starting with teleseminars. Here’s why:

You can speak faster than you can type.

Getting ideas out of your head is likely easier by speaking instead of writing.

You can take an audio recording and repurpose it to create other forms of marketing and customer content. Better still, most of the repurposing can be done by someone else – freeing up your time to do what you do best!”

His reasons are my reasons, too. I record webinars in order to create and publish content on YouTube and on my website. As Jenkins also suggests for repurposing teleseminars, I use virtual assistants to accomplish all the tasks following my webinars.

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